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  • Developing great teams... one player at a time.

    Developing great teams...one player at a time.

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West Side Football Academy LLC is an Indianapolis based instructional youth football program. Our focus is working with players ages 8 to 14 to improve their football perfomance through position specific training. This program was created to improve football performance each off season for players who are willing to work hard. In the off season more time and attention can be spent on the details and mechanics of each position. This is NOT recommended to be a player’s first exposure to football.

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“Football is the greatest sport ever…It challenges players to improve their leadership and communication skills, develop teamwork while providing an opportunity to play through adversity…all crucial to the development of young athletes. I believe in teaching the game from the ground up, while developing fundamental skills and techniques.”      – Lloyd Brown President and Founder

Our mission is “To develop great teams…one player at a time.”                                                                     Contact us: wsfootball@outlook.com


QB 101 Camp - April 2018

April 2, 3, 6, 9, & 11, 2018

Offensive Skills Camp 2018

Offensive Skills Camp 2018

Defensive Skills & Tackling Camp 2018

Defensive Skills & Tackling Camp 2018