Clinic Information

Each camp consists of 5 action-packed, workout sessions lasting at least 75 minutes each. During these sessions players will learn the importance of the position, footwork and proper mechanics to excel during the regular season. The complexity and intensity of workouts build with each session.

Players should expect a high number of repetitions to increase muscle memory and make movements more natural.

The drills and mechanics taught during camps come from a number of successful high school and college football programs from across the country.  Each year research is conducted by our coaches to provide updated information, skills and drills.

West Side Football Academy LLC is currently using 10th Street Sports Center as the indoor facility until the weather breaks. It is equipped with artificial turf and seating near the field.


West Side Football Academy LLC works to provide quality football instruction at reasonable prices. Camp fees for 2020 are $80 per player (per camp).  Registrations and payments should be completed online prior to camp or by check onsite.

West Side Football Academy now accepts the following forms of payment: Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, credit cards and checks.

Sportzone Indy
6601 Coffman Rd.
Indianapolis IN 46268
10th Street Sports Center
9925 W. 10th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46234

2021 West Side Football Academy Clinics

MLK Day Winter WR & DB Clinic – 1 Day, 4.5 hours

Wide Receivers – Stances and starts, footwork, catching drills, agility, releases off the ball, hand-to-hand combat, route running, routes vs. defenders in man and zone coverages

Defensive Backs – Stance and starts, footwork, man/ man-press/ zone coverage concepts, man and zone coverage techniques, breaking up passes, intercepting the ball, pursuit and open field tackling angles

Quarterback 101: Dates TBA

QB’s: Receiving a snap, dropping back, throwing mechanics, handoffs, play action passing, pocket mobility, throwing on the run play mechanics, running the option, reading defenders, offensive chalk talk and more…

Winter Conditioning – All Positions:  Dates TBA

Develop your player’s speed, strength, agility and mental toughness during the offseason with teammates from other schools.  Work to stay in football shape and keep your edge!  Great workouts for all players and all positions!

Offensive Line Camp: Dates TBA

Stances, snapping the football (pistol and under Center), drive and reach blocking, combo and zone blocking concepts, pulling and blocking in space, pass blocking, double teams and blocking the second level

Defensive Linemen: Dates TBA

Stances, getting off the ball, fighting off blocks, creating turnovers, pass rushing, beating double teams, and hand to hand combat

Wide Receivers & Tight Ends: Dates TBA

Wide Receivers & Tight Ends – Stances and starts, footwork, catching, agility, route running, routes vs. defenders, understanding coverage concepts and beating press-man techniques and zone coverages. Newly added – Jugs machine for accurate  passes!

Running Backs:  Dates TBA

Balance, agility, securing a football, changing directions, reading blockers, using the off arm, making moves vs. defenders, running with power, catching, running sweeps, option plays and more…

Linebackers: Dates TBA

Stances, run play pursuit, changing directions, defeating blockers, man and zone pass coverage concepts, reading backfield flows, filling gaps, and more…

Pre-Season Tackling Camp: Summer 2021

Safe, effective tackling techniques designed to minimize head contact and effectively bring down ball carriers, situational tackling strategies, Hawk tackling, and lots of reps vs. air, bags, dummies, and live players